Fashion Business Cases

A Student Guide to Learning with Case Studies

Leslie Davis Burns

Published: DEC 10, 2020

Formats ISBN
eBook 9781501363016
Paperback 9781501362996

The Business of Fashion

Designing, Manufacturing, and Marketing - Studio Instant Access

6th Edition

Leslie Davis Burns and Kathy K. Mullet

Published: FEB 06, 2020

Formats ISBN
Paperback + Studio 9781501361005
eBook + Studio 9781501361012
eBook 9781501349133
Companion Study Tools ISBN
Studio 9781501360985

Fashion Forecasting

5th Edition

Lorynn Divita

Published: SEP 19, 2019

Formats ISBN
Paperback + Studio 9781501338984
eBook + Studio 9781501338977
eBook 9781501338632
Companion Study Tools ISBN
Studio 9781501338953

Fashion Entrepreneurship

Retail Business Planning - Bundle Book + Studio Access Card

3rd Edition

Michele M. Granger,Tina M. Sterling and Ann Cantrell

Published: FEB 07, 2019

Formats ISBN
Paperback + Studio 9781501334245
eBook + Studio 9781501334238
eBook 9781501331626
Companion Study Tools ISBN
Studio 9781501334221

Essentials of Exporting and Importing

U.S. Trade Policies, Procedures, and Practices

2nd Edition

Harvey Shoemack and Patricia Mink Rath

Published: AUG 14, 2014

Formats ISBN
eBook 9781609018887
Paperback 9781609018894

Guide to Fashion Entrepreneurship

The Plan, the Product, the Process

Melissa G. Carr and Lisa Hopkins Newell

Published: JUN 05, 2014

Formats ISBN
eBook 9781609019815
Paperback 9781609014933

Fashion Law

A Guide for Designers, Fashion Executives, and Attorneys

2nd Edition

Guillermo C. Jimenez and Barbara Kolsun

Published: MAR 13, 2014

Formats ISBN
eBook 9781609018658
Paperback 9781609018955

Apparel Merchandising

The Line Starts Here

3rd Edition

Jeremy A. Rosenau and David L. Wilson

Published: FEB 13, 2014

Formats ISBN
eBook 9781609018634
Paperback 9781609015398

Fashion Buying

From Trend Forecasting to Shop Floor

David Shaw and Dimitri Koumbis

Published: OCT 24, 2013

Formats ISBN
eBook 9782940447541