Injoo Kim, Myoung Ok Kim and Zachary Hoh

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OCT 06, 2022
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eBook + Studio 9781501360244
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The Book

Apparel Design Through Patternmaking is a fresh design-oriented flat patternmaking text that gives fashion students a new perspective on patternmaking knowledge and skills they need to develop contemporary women’s, men’s, and children’s wear. This book covers a comprehensive range of concepts in flat pattern drafting, such as fit, style, and design development, and the modular approach allows for flexible design options across age, gender, and size, as reflected in current fashion trends. 200 detailed principles address proper measurements; body shapes; dart manipulation; neckline, collar, and sleeve variations; fit issues and corrections; garment details; and more, all of which are easily visualized with hundreds of line drawings and photos. Reference size charts and a decimal conversion chart included in the Appendix make this text user-friendly for international students.
Key Features:
- 20 slopers, 30 foundations, and variations
- 220 detailed principles of patternmaking
- 100+ applied garment designs
- A chapter on Cut & Sew stretch fabrics
- Learning objectives with clear flat sketches in each chapter
- A decimal conversion chart, reference size charts, and glossary of key terms

STUDIO Features Include:
- Watch videos that show the development process for customized sloper sets
- Review concepts with flashcards of essential vocabulary
- Practice with additional 1/2 scale slopers

Instructor Resources Include:
- Instructor's Guide provides suggestions for planning the course and using the text in the classroom, supplemental assignments, and lecture notes

Table of Contents


Part 1: Introduction to Pattern Making
Chapter 1: Introduction to Pattern Making

Part 2: Slopers and Foundational Blocks
Chapter 2: Slopers
Chapter 3: Torso Foundations and Variations
Chapter 4: Fit Corrections
Chapter 5: Seam Allowances and Lining Patterns

Part 3: Pattern Making Principles
Chapter 6: Dart Manipulation
Chapter 7: Additional Fullness
Chapter 8: Contouring

Part 4: Skirts and Pants
Chapter 9: Details of the Skirt and Pants
Chapter 10: Skirts
Chapter 11: Pants

Part 5: Necklines, Collars, and Sleeves
Chapter 12: Necklines and Collars
Chapter 13: Sleeves

Part 6: Tops, Shirts, Jacket, Coats, and Vests
Chapter 14: Garment Details
Chapter 15: Women’s Tops and Shirts
Chapter 16: Formal Jackets and Coats
Chapter 17: Casual Jackets

Part 7: One-Piece Garment: Dresses and Jumpsuits
Chapter 18: Jumpsuit and Dresses
Chapter 19: Dresses

Part 8: Active Knit Foundations
Chapter 20: Bodywear


About The Authors

Injoo Kim is an Associate Professor in the Fashion Design program at the University of Cincinnati. She holds a Masters in Design from the same university. Prior to academia, she worked in the fashion industry for ten years. Professor Kim's research and scholarly work has resulted in multiple publications; she has authored articles on the subjects of apparel design, flat pattern, and machine knitting and three books including Apparel Design through Patternmaking (Fairchild Books, 2002).

Myoung Kim is a lecturer in the Department of Clothing and Textiles at Hanyang University, as well as a visiting scholar at the University of Cincinnati. She holds a PhD in Clothing and Textiles from Hanyang University. Prior to academia, she worked as pattern maker and technical designer in the fashion industry for fourteen years. Dr. Kim's research and scholarly work focuses on the proper fit for menswear and menswear pattern making.

Zachary Hoh is an Assistant Professor of Practice at the University of Cincinnati. Professor Hoh has more than 10 years of industry and teaching experience spanning the design process including specialization in design and product development, technical design, and production. Professor Hoh teaches design methodology courses at the University and encourages students to employ pattern making and draping techniques creatively as three-dimensional, experimental design development tools.

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