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MAR 15, 2015
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The Book

This user-friendly guide to evaluating apparel quality presents the roles of product designers, manufacturers, merchandisers, testing laboratories, and retailers from product inception through the sale of goods, to ensure quality products that meet customer expectations. Bubonia provides an overview of apparel production, with emphasis on quality characteristics and cues, consumer influences and motivations impacting purchasing decisions, and the relationship of apparel manufacturing and production processes, cost, price point and the quality level of an apparel product. A key aspect of the book is the focus on both U.S. and International standards and regulations required for apparel analysis, performance, labeling requirements and safety regulations. The text is highly illustrated with images of stitch and seam types plus photos of their uses in actual garments, providing students with the tools needed to skillfully evaluate and critique quality elements in apparel and textile products.

Key Features
~ Supplementary Apparel Quality Lab Manual (sold separately) includes hands-on lab activities and projects that simulate real-world garment analysis and material testing
~ Industry Scenario boxes present case studies highlight real world situations such as the Lululemon recall and the environmental impact of apparel manufacturing
~ Provides an illustrated guide to ASTM stitch and seam types

Teaching Resources
~ Instructor's Guide with Test Bank
~ PowerPoint presentations for each chapter

Table of Contents

1. Overview of Apparel Quality and the Consumer
2. Integrating Quality into the Development of Apparel Products
3. Raw Materials Selection and Performance
4. Garment Construction Details
5. Apparel Sizing and Fit Strategies
6. ASTM and ISO Stitch Classifications
7. ASTM and ISO Seam Classifications
8. Sourcing and Mass Production of Sewn Products
9. Labeling Regulations and Guidelines for Manufactured Apparel
10. Safety Regulations and Guidelines for Wearing Apparel
11. Measuring Product Quality through Testing
12. Raw Materials and Sewn Products Testing
13. Quality Assurance Along the Supply Chain

About The Authors

Janace E. Bubonia is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Design, Merchandising and Textiles at Texas Christian University, USA. She has taught classes in design and product development, fashion illustration, fashion show production, promotion, and textile testing among others. She is the author of Apparel Production Terms and Processes, 2nd Edition (Fairchild Books, 2011).

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