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Kathy K. Mullet

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SEP 24, 2015
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This step-by-step introduction to grading combines the theory of pattern grading with its practical applications. After presenting the x, y orientation to familiarize readers with the concepts of computer grading and using the Cartesian graph, the text takes a holistic approach, integrating anthropometry, size specifications, and grade guides into the grading process for women’s garments with emphasis on maintaining fit and style sense.

New to this Edition:
- Expanded discussion of computer grading technology including Optitex, Gerber, Lectra, and Tukatech software
- 20% new end-of-chapter exercises
- Includes more than 200 illustrations and 85 tables for grade rules, measurement charts and garment specifications
- Added discussion on grading from specifications and development of tolerances
- Instructor's Guide and Test Bank provide answers to exercises, completed and blank grade rule tables, grade charts for different base sizes and projects for further research

Concepts of Pattern Grading STUDIO:
- Study smarter with self-quizzes featuring scored results and personalized study tips
- Review concepts with flashcards of terms and definitions
- Practice your skills with extra exercises

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Pattern Grading Fundamentals
Chapter 2 Understanding a Grading System
Chapter 3 Manual Grading on the Cartesian Graph
Chapter 4 Computer Grading
Chapter 5 Grading the Basic Pattern Blocks
Chapter 6 Sleeve/Bodice Combinations
Chapter 7 Design Variations
Chapter 8 Grading Using Multiple x, y Axes
Chapter 9 Grading Stretch Garments
Chapter 10 Grading from Garment Specifications
Chapter 11 Concepts of Alphanumeric Grading
Appendix A Rationale for a Simplified Grading System Based on PS 42-70 Grade Guide
APPENDIX B ASTM D 5586-01 Standard Table for Body Measurements for Women Aged 55 and Older (Misses Figure Type)
Appendix C Pattern Grading Aids

About The Authors

Kathy K. Mullet is an associate professor at Oregon State University, US.

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