Julie Stewart-Pollack and Rosemary M. Menconi

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JAN 25, 2005

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This timely book provides a synthesis of research, theory, and practical application to explore and examine the concept of privacy as a function of interior design responsibility. Presenting information in a straightforward manner, the text examines privacy needs and solutions for residential, healthcare, hospitality, and work environments. Age-specific privacy needs are also covered. Students learn that privacy is not a luxury experience but a basic and restorative human need that reduces stress, enhances self-identity and creativity, and enables people to better manage both personal activities and social interactions.

Table of Contents

* Why Study Privacy? * The Concept of Privacy and Its Role in our Lives * Characteristics of the Physical Environment that Promote Privacy * Privacy Needs for Residential Interior Design * Privacy Needs in Work Environments * Privacy Needs in Healthcare Environments * Privacy Needs in Hospitality Design * Age-Specific Considerations for Privacy * A Model for Designing for Privacy TEXT FEATURES * Design features that can enhance privacy are highlighted within chapters * Extensive bibliography demonstrates a strong research base and allows for greater in-depth study of specific issues * Links between topics discussed in different chapters are highlighted within the text * Illustrations of award-winning projects by the author's students serve as inspiration and models for projects by readers * End-of-chapter activities show relevance of design decisions to privacy needs and encourage students to practice problem-solving

About The Authors

Julie Stewart-Pollack teaches interior design and related courses at Rocky Mountain College of Art Design and is also a Chairwoman for the school's Department of Interior Design. She previously taught professional design at the Interior Design Institute of Denver and served as the school's Director of Education. She received her B.I.D. from the Interior Design Institute of Denver in 1991 and her M.A. in Environmental Psychology from Vermont College in 1999. She was awarded the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Award for Outstanding Contribution to Interior Design Education in 1999. She is currently a member of ASID, the Interior Design Educators Council (IDEC), and the Colorado Coalition for Interior Design (CCID). She authored several articles in publications such as Interiors Sources Magazine and Colorado Homes and Lifestyles Magazine. Rosemary M. Menconi teaches office design and interior business design at Rocky Mountain College of Art Design. She previously taught Interior Design at the Interior Design Institute of Denver. She received her B.A. in English from Trinity University in 1968, her B.I.D. from the Interior Design Institute of Denver in 1982, and her M.A. in Environmental Psychology from Norwich University in 2000. She received a Presidential Citation from the American Society of Interior Designers in 1995.

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