Jane E. Workman and Beth W. Freeburg

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OCT 13, 2008

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Understanding the social expectations and meanings associated with dress is critical to a successful career in fashion. Just as critical is familiarity with research techniques to capture the history of fashion trends. Dress and Society fulfills these requirements by presenting a sociological perspective on how people dress and a research perspective on how to develop and appreciate research skills. Analyzing dress as an individual social behavior enables students to draw connections between their own lives and different styles of dress. Concepts such as gender, religion, race, education, cultural norms, and violations of cultural norms are thoroughly discussed. By starting each chapter with a headline from mass media, engaging the students in lively discussion, and presenting research with practical applications, the content becomes enjoyable and memorable for students.
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Table of Contents


-- Dress, Society, and the Process of Social Control
-- Dress, Society, and the Novice Researcher
-- Norms: The Rules We Live By
-- Researching Norms: Gender, Group, and Otherwise, and Dress Codes
-- Violation of Norms: Deviance
-- Tattooers, Body Piercers, Cross-Dressers, Punks, Goths, and Other Norm Violators
-- Recognition of Violation of Norms: The Fashion Police
-- Research about Recognition of Norm Violation
-- Report of Norm Violations: Spreading the Word
-- Reading and Talking about Norm Violations
-- Response to Violation of Norms: Sanction
-- Sanctions: Name-Calling, Nicknames, Teasing, Ridicule, Detention, Suspension, Expulsion, and Termination from a Job
-- Enforcement of Response to Norm Violation
-- Research about Enforcement of Sanctions

About The Authors

Jane E. Workman is a professor at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.
Beth W. Freeburg is an associate professor and Interim Department Chair of the Department of
Workforce Education and Development at Southern Illinois University.

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