Rosalie J. Regni and Jimmie G. Anderson

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FEB 15, 2015
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Many design students dream of opening a retail store of their own, but the actual process of starting their own business can be quite daunting. Entrepreneurship in Action: A Retail Store Simulation provides an opportunity to practice all the steps necessary to conceptualize, develop, open, and finally operate a business in the safe environment of the classroom. As they prepare to open their simulated retail business, students learn how to develop a product and product niche, conduct market research, and find funding and a good location for their store. Most importantly, when they reach the end of the book, they will have written a complete business plan in a format suitable for submission to a bank or other lending institution. This book brings enterprising students one step closer to making their dream a reality. Each chapter begins with learning objectives and explains a concept, as well as addresses questions that an entrepreneur would need to ask. An assignment follows that directs the students to think creatively to apply the theoretical knowledge previously introduced. The simulation thus pulls together the content as well as the format of a well-conceived business plan.

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Table of Contents

Getting Started
Step 1: Choosing a Business and Product line
Step 2: Finding the Right Location
Step 3: Funding the Business/Sales Planning
Step 4: Preparing a Business Resume and Personal Financial Statement
Step 5: Profit and Loss Plan
Step 6: Merchandising Your Store
Step 7: Marketing Plan
Step 8: Personnel and Sales Management Plan
Step 9: Visual Merchandising and Store Layout
Step 10: Capital Spending Plan and Cash Flow Forecast
Step 11: Financial Documents for Evaluation and Tax Preparation
Step 12: Pulling It All Together
Managing Your Success

About The Authors

Rosalie J. Regni is an assistant professor at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Jimmie G. Anderson is retired and currently volunteers his time to the Department of Fashion Design and Merchandising at Virginia Commonwealth University.

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