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Frank Theodore Koe

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JAN 12, 2017
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The Book

Fabric for the Designed Interior, Second Edition, is a comprehensive text for students and professionals, addressing both residential and commercial interiors. The book begins by placing fabric in a historic context, examining its connection to the growth of civilization. Later chapters take a practical approach to provide readers with the tools they need for successfully specifying fabric, dealing with environmental and safety concerns, understanding fabric and carpet-care issues, working with bids and contracts, and learning strategies for navigating showrooms and fabricating facilities. Leading designers, fabric manufacturers, and suppliers weigh in with their experiences, giving readers a clear idea of real-world expectations. This new edition is updated with expanded coverage on sustainable fabrics, more robust and clear instructions on costing, an appendix of historic and decorative architectural styles, and a revised art program featuring contemporary styles.

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About the Fabric for the Designed Interior STUDIO Videos
Access to online instructional videos that show the world of interior textiles in action. The viewer will be taken on a tour of the historic Scalamandre 110,000-square-foot mill and see how woven and printed fabrics are produced. Elements of the tour include design conceptualization and artwork, dyeing of yarns, warping, and weaving on various types of looms. The second video takes the viewer to several to-the-trade showrooms in New York City. Viewers will learn practical skills like establishing an account, reading tags, costing, and ordering product. Showrooms specializing in both residential and contract fabric are toured.

OPTIONAL SWATCH KIT: This text also can be used in conjunction with Swatch Reference Guide for Interior Design Fabrics by Deborah Young, also available from Fairchild Books. Direct access to fabric swatches can enhance understanding of essential details of woven, printed, and nonwoven fabrics. Activities using these fabric swatches can be found at the end of each chapter of this book.

Table of Contents


1. Origins of Fabric: A Primer
2. Structure and Content of Fiber and Yarn
3. Fabric Construction: Wovens and Nonwovens
4. Dyeing, Printing, and Finishing
5. Floor Covering: Rugs and Carpeting
6. The Environment, Safety, and Codes
7. Specifying Residential Fabric and Trimming
8. Specifying Contract Fabric and Carpeting
9. Sources: Acquiring Fabric for Clients
10. Inside the Workroom
11. Maintaining Fabric, Carpeting, and Rugs
12. Learning from the Professionals


About The Authors

Frank Theodore Koe is an Associate Professor at The Pennsylvania State University in University Park, PA, USA.

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