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Lorynn Divita

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SEP 19, 2019
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"It’s a great, strong read. Lots of information if you don't have background knowledge of this topic." Carmen Carter, El Centro College, USA

"The text is a thorough view of fashion forecasting that helps students understand this segment of the industry as well as identify the steps and skills required to pursue a career as a fashion forecaster." Amy Harden, Ball State University, USA

Learn how to anticipate emerging trends and how to prepare and present your own fashion forecast.

Three new chapters on fashion eras, world cultures, and subcultures show you influences on fashion innovation yesterday and today, so that you can spot those of tomorrow. New Influencer profiles focus on trend creators, rather than trend popularizers, to show you how to find key people from many creative fields who shape popular fashion. A new appendix covers how to create a fashion forecast and a streamlined chapter organization is concise without sacrificing depth. Includes 125 color illustrations.

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Table of Contents


Part 1: Forecasting Frameworks
1. Introduction to Forecasting
2. Innovation and Novelty
3. Fashion Forecasting Theories
4. Modern Forecasting Methods

Part 2: Forecasting Influences
5. Fashion Eras
6. World Cultures
7. Subcultures
8. Fine Art and Popular Culture

Part 3: Forecasting in Action
9. Color and Textile Forecasting
10. Inspiration, Theme and Mood
11. Consumer Research
12. Sales Forecasting and Competitive Analysis

Appendix: Presenting the Forecast
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About The Authors

Lorynn R. Divita is an associate professor of Family and Consumer Sciences at Baylor University, USA. She is a 2013–2014 recipient of the Baylor Fellows award for innovative teaching.

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125 color illus