Wynn Armstrong, Jemi Armstrong and Lorrie Ivas

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SEP 05, 2014
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Hardback 9781563673641

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What's in the book

The Book

In today's fashion industry, the traditional skills of forecasting, cutting, sewing and drafting are no longer enough. Students must be able to transform their two-dimensional plans into computer-generated images. From Pencil to Pen Tool: Understanding Creating the Digital Fashion Image teaches Adobe PhotoShop CS and Illustrator CS techniques applicable to both fashion students entering the field and established fashion-industry professionals seeking to stay current with technology. This book includes technical instruction about sketching and image production, as well as practical advice about creating a computer-generated portfolio and entering the fashion marketplace. Instructor's Guide available on request

Table of Contents

* Lepape to Perez: The Evolution of the Fashion Image in Relation to Technology of the Times
* New Tools for the New Millennium: PhotoShop and Adobe Illustrator Used in Cutting Edge Design
* Design Basics: The 4 Elements of Fashion: Silhouette/Colour/Texture/Details
* Fashion Sketching Basics: Tutorial A: Building the Basic Fashion Croquis for Men, Women, and Children
* Technical Flats: Tutorial B: Drawing Silhouettes and Construction Details
* Fashion Technology Overview: Pixel vs. Vector for the PC Mac
* Software Basics: Getting Started with Adobe PhotoShop
* Working with Adobe PhotoShop to Create Trend Boards
* Working with PhotoShop to Create Textile Pattern Designs
* Software Basics: Getting Started with Adobe Illustrator
* Mastering the Adobe Illustrator Pen Tool
* Working with Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop to Create Flats and Illustrations
* Advanced Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator Techniques
* Presentations is Everything: What is Expected in Your Portfolio Entering the Fashion Marketplace

- General introductions to the imaging programmes, accompanied by more specific instructions for fashion applications
- Clear, step-by-step instructions
- Information about the evolution and the future of fashion-imaging technology
- Practice exercises with each lesson

- Full-colour tutorials
- Current croquis
- Palettes with preloaded presets of fabric swatches
- Library of ready-to-use construction details
- Stock photography for fashion graphics
- Practice exercises

About The Authors

Jemi Armstrong teaches various fashion sketching, illustration and computer design classes at Santa Monica College, Woodbury University and American InterContinental University. She actively does fashion illustration for retail and manufacturing clients including Fred Segal and Michael Stars. In addition, Jemi has been involved in costume illustration for film and TV, digital illustration and web graphics. Armstrong appeared on the television show Awesome Interiors, which featured her three-dimensional art pieces and fashion furniture. Lorrie Ivas is Fashion cochair at American InterContinental University where she teaches Introduction to Fashion and was awarded the Outstanding Faculty of the Year award two years in a row. She is a member of the Fashion Group International and the Costume Council of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

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