2nd Edition

V. Ann Paulins and Julie L. Hillery

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MAR 10, 2016
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The Book

Guide to Fashion Career Planning provides an in-depth overview of preparing for a career in the fashion industry – across many job possibilities, skill sets, and career interests – and guides the readers through professional preparation from goal setting all the way to finding the first job. While many resources exist for topics such as career paths or internships, this book presents a seamless and comprehensive approach to everything needed for professional and career development covering resume writing, interviewing, job search strategies, internships and portfolios for fashion design, merchandising and retail careers. A unique chapter discusses the various social media platforms and evaluates how they can be used to enhance (or devalue) the personal brand. The book introduces portfolios in web-based and physical formats – and their uses as a career search and interview tool. Both practical and empowering, Guide to Fashion Career Planning gives readers the tools they need to embark on a career in fashion.

· Details career paths in the fashion industry with examples of specific positions
· Covers preparing your professional presentation through social media, portfolios, letters, resumes, and interviewing
· Discusses how to build a professional network and work with mentors
· Explains how to conduct a job search, interview effectively, and gain work experience
· Offers advice on professional ethics, personal branding and how to transition from one job position to another to advance in a career

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· Download templates for resumes, cover letters and professional documents that students will need as they enter the workforce
· Review samples of good and poor quality resumes and portfolios
· Complete personal assessment exercises to identify your strengths and interests
· Access links to online job resources and tools

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Careers in the Fashion Industry
2. Preparing to Become a Professional
3. Branding Yourself
4. Preparing Your Professional Portfolio
5. The Job Search and Networking for Career Growth
6. Resumes and Cover Letters
7. Interviewing
8. Work Experiences and Internships
9. Professional Ethics
10. Transitioning from College to Career

About The Authors

V. Ann Paulins is Senior Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies at Ohio University, USA.
Julie Hillery is Chair and Instructor at The University of New Mexico, USA.

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