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JAN 14, 2016
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Since the appearance of simplified 3D sketching programs like SketchUp, architects and interior designers have been called on to use both freehand and 3D CAD drawings, often at very earliest stages of design. Since we must often go back and forth between analytical plan views and 3D visual views, it’s important that this be a seamless process, requiring little disruptive action or break in the workflow. Integrated Drawing Techniques closes the gap between creativity and geometry, teaching beginner architects and interior designers how to design their residential interiors using freehand sketching and computer-aided design simultaneously. From concept planning to 3D rendering, this book is a comprehensive guide to designing residences by hand and computer.

Table of Contents

Part I: Freehand Drawing and Rendering: Tools, Materials, and Techniques
Chapter 1: Freehand Drawing: Pencil and Pen
Chapter 2: Color Drawing and Rendering: Working with Mixed Color Media
Chapter 3: Perspective
Part II: Digital Rendering
Chapter 4: SketchUp Techniques
Chapter 5: Photoshop Techniques
Chapter 6: Mixed Media: Integrating Techniques
Part III: Residential Design with Integrated Media
Chapter 7: The Foyer: Eentering the Home and Connecting the Elements
Chapter 8: The Great Room
Chapter 9: The Kitchen
Chapter 10: The Bathroom
Chapter 11: The Bedroom and Study
Chapter 12: Single-Family Homes
Chapter 13: Multfamily Residential Design
Part IV: Site and Landscape Context: Cmmunity, Residential, and Commerce
Chapter 14: The Site and Landscape
Chapter 15: Placing Buildings in the Environment

About The Authors

Robert Philip Gordon is an adjunct professor of interior design at Columbia College Chicago, United States.

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