Katherine S. Ankerson and Jill Pable

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JUL 09, 2015
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Paperback 9781563675584

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What's in the book

The Book

Interior Design: Practical Strategies for Teaching and Learning provides a pedagogical approach specifically geared to instruction in interior design. Combining theory with practical application and examples unique to the interior design discipline, the unifying theme of the book is achieving excellence in design education. For first-time teachers whose formal training as educators is more limited than their expertise in the discipline of interior design, this text serves as a primary, specialized resource. For both new and seasoned teachers, it is a handy, just-in-time reference for those sticky situations when one needs a fresh perspective in teaching an idea in a new way. The text is enriched by case studies; grading rubrics and student critiques; definitions of educational jargon; tables and graphs; photos of teaching-related activities and spaces; and a bibliography for further information on teaching and learning topics.

Table of Contents

Meeting the Challenge
The Importance of Interior Design Teaching and Learning
The Nature of Interior Design Education
Fostering Successful Learning
Course Preparation
Managing and Guiding Learning
Studio Learning
Teaching and Learning at a Distance
Trends in Interior Design Teaching and Learning
Improving Teaching and Learning
The Teaching Experience
Essays and Inspirations
The Teaching and Learning Physical Environment

About The Authors

Katherine S. Ankerson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Jill Pable, Florida State University

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