11th Edition

Ingrid Johnson, Allen C. Cohen and Ajoy K. Sarkar

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SEP 24, 2015
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Studio 9781501316692

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What's in the book

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The Book

J.J. Pizzuto's Fabric Science Swatch Kit, 11th Edition reinforces the study of textiles for students in fashion design, merchandising, interior design, product development and home furnishings. The kit contains 114 (2"x 3") fabric samples, a fabric key, 40 special assignments, heavy-weight sample sheets to mount and analyze fabrics, and a pick glass - all contained in a three-ring binder. The swatches are organized in the order in which they are covered in the text: fibers, yarns, weaves, knits, dyeing, printing and finishes. Swatches represent the types of fabrics currently available to fashion and interior designers in the field, making this resource an excellent addition to any professional library.

~The text contains instructions and a new video tutorial that takes students through the process of assembling their swatch kit and using a pick glass.
~A Fabric Key identifies the swatches by number and fabric name, description and fiber content.
~Assignments are designed to reinforce the text and classroom lectures and have been developed by FIT instructors to broaden student's understanding of key concepts in textiles through hands-on labs and problem solving activities.
~Students will successfully develop keen observation, analysis and report writing skills.
~Fabric Science Swatch Kit is an ideal companion to Fabric Science, 11th Edition (ISBN 9781501395369, available as a separate purchase) or can also be used alone or in conjunction with any textiles textbook.

New to this Edition
~New STUDIO includes a new video tutorial explaining how to assemble the Swatch Kit and use a pick glass
~New smart textiles, performance fabrics, knits, and sustainable swatches added to the kit
~Instructor's Resources now include a new Fabric Sample Answer Sheet with filled-in fabric pages for easy grading

Fabric Science Swatch Kit STUDIO Resources

~Review concepts with fabric flashcards including 10x magnified views of all swatches and fabric details
~Watch videos with step-by-step demonstrations on how to compile the swatch kit
~Access a Quick Fabric Swatch Guide featuring each of the 114 swatches with its name and number

Instructor's Resources
~ Instructor's Swatch Set including 7" x 12" samples of each fabric (ISBN 9781501313677)
~ Instructor's Guide
~ Fabric Sample Answer Sheet PDF with filled-in fabric pages for easy grading
~ PowerPoint Presentations including front, back and 10x magnified views of each fabric swatch

Table of Contents

Key to Fabric Swatches
How to Use the Fabric Science Swatch Kit
Mounting Swatches on Fabric Sample Sheets
Using the Pick Glass
What’s in a Fabric Name?
Assignments 1-32
Fibers (Swatches 1–15)
Yarns (Swatches 16–27)
Woven Fabrics (Swatches 28–48)
Other Types of Textiles (Swatches 70–75)
Dyed Fabrics (Swatches 76–80)
Printed Fabrics (Swatches 81–88)
Textile Finishes (Swatches 89–98)
Special Fabrics (Swatches 99–114)
Fabric Sample Sheets

About The Authors

Ingrid Johnson is a Full Professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), US.
Ajoy K. Sarkar is an associate professor of Textile Development and Marketing at the Fashion Institute of Technology, (FIT) US.
Allen C. Cohen was a Professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), US.

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