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MAY 24, 2012
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While rooted in traditional marketing principles, successful fashion marketing presents a unique set of opportunities and challenges. Marketing Fashion: A Global Perspective is the first text to engagingly present marketing theories and practices as they specifically relate to apparel, home goods, and other design-driven products. Using a variety of contemporary examples, the text details how fashion marketers develop and apply marketing strategies that meet consumer needs at a profit. Topics covered include: consumer and organizational buying behavior, market research, market segmentation, product planning and positioning, pricing, retailer relationships, and additional classic marketing theories and practices as they relate to design. In addition, Fashion Marketing explores in depth contemporary issues such as technology, social responsibility and ethics, sustainability, and globalization, and considers effective strategies for various economic climates.

Table of Contents

Defining Fashion Marketing and How it Works
Developing and Maintaining Profitable Customer Relationships
Participating in the Global Fashion Marketplace
Understanding the Fashion Consumer and Business Buyer Behavior

Building a Fashion Marketing Strategy

Creating a Company Marketing Strategy
Obtaining and Using Fashion Marketing Information
Creating the Right Relationships with Fashion Customers

Focusing Marketing Mix Elements on the Fashion Consumer

Branding Strategies for Fashion Goods and Services
Developing New Fashion Products and Monitoring their Life Cycles
Pricing: Identifying and Promoting Customer Value
Fashion Marketing Channels and Supply Chain Management
Fashion Wholesaling and Retailing (from a Marketing Viewpoint)

Communicating Fashion's Value through Promotion

Promoting Fashion Goods and Services
Promoting Fashion through Personal Selling and Direct Marketing
Fashion Advertising, Sales Promotion, and Public Relations

About The Authors

Patricia Mink Rath is a consultant in marketing education in Winnetka, Illinois. She teaches courses in consumer behavior, fashion merchandising, and retail buying.
Richard Petrizzi is an Associate Professor in the Marketing and Management Department at the Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago.
Penny Gill is is President of PWG Communications Inc., White Plains, NY.

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