4th Edition

Roberto J. Rengel

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OCT 03, 2019
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What's in the book

The Book

Shaping Interior Space, 4th Edition, emphasizes the experiential contributions of interior design. Intended for all design students, the author covers strategies for creating interior environments that work as a total system to enhance the experience of the user. The book is organized into three parts, a background part introduces ways of designing for experience and reviews design principles and strategies. Part Two focuses on the three experiential goals that form the backbone of the book, order, enrichment, and expression. These serve as overall umbrellas that capture the many dimensions of users' experiences in the built environment. Part Three is devoted to design process. The process is broken up into understanding, ideation, and development and covers many tasks performed during the early and intermediate stages of design.

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Table of Contents

Part One: General Principles
1. Mastering Interior Design
2. People in Buildings
3. Interior Place and Its Components
4: The Basics of Space

Part Two: Aims of Design
5. Function
6. Order
7. Enrichment
8. Expression

Part Three: Design Process
9. Understanding
10. Ideation
11. Development and Resolution

About The Authors

Roberto J. Rengel is a Professor of Interior Design at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the United States, where he teaches courses on professional practice, commercial design and placemaking. Prior to his academic career, he practiced commercial interior designer for 15 years with Gensler and Associated Space Design in the U.S

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