3rd Edition

Connie Ulasewicz and Janet Hethorn

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OCT 06, 2022
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Sustainable Fashion: Take Action, Third Edition presents a fresh exploration of practices that are underway in design and production within the fashion industry and the possibilities for future directions that can be taken now. This book focuses on innovative action needed to achieve the goal of creating healthier environments, reducing climate change, and improving the well-being of all people as they choose and wear clothing.

This third edition continues to delve into the role that fashion plays in a sustainable future, through the interconnected model of “People, Processes, and Environment”, which marks the focus of the book’s three sections. Covering a wide range of sustainability practices, the chapters are written by both academic and industry professionals providing a balanced view of the topics with breadth and depth and suggesting routes for further examination.

New to the Third Edition:
-Thoroughly revised to cover advancements since the last edition, topics of equity, diversity and inclusion are paramount within in each chapter, and social justice as a concept is highlighted throughout
-Changes in cultural, social, and health contexts as they impact fashion action are spotlighted in every chapter
-Integrating “Take Action” examples within chapters

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Table of Contents



Section I - Connecting with People
Chapter 1 - The Fashion of Sustainability by Linda Welters
Chapter 2- Social Responsibility in the Sewn Products Industry: Decision Makers and Decision Doers by Connie Ulasewicz
Chapter 3-Innovation and Equity in Design by Janet Hethorn
Chapter 4 - Social Media and Consumer Engagement by Domenica Peterson

Section II – Connecting with Processes
Chapter 5 - Mixing Metaphors in the Fiber, Textile, and Apparel Complex: Moving Forward by Susan Kaiser
Chapter 6 – Low Impact Processes in Fashion Design by Timo Rissanen
Chapter 7 - Processes for Clothing Disposal, Who is Responsible? by Joanne Brasch
Chapter 8 - Technology and Sustainable Futures by Lucy Dunne

Section III – Connecting with the Environment
Chapter 9 -Building Circular Value Chains by Kerli Kant Hvass
Chapter 10 - Circular Economy Automation by Annie Gullingsrud
Chapter 11 – Fibers: Exploring Healthy and Clean Fiber by Gail Baugh
Chapter 12 – Challenges and Propositions: Alternative Approaches to Design by Helene Day Fraser


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