2nd Edition

Kristen K. Swanson, Judith C. Everett and Jenny B. Davis

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MAR 24, 2022
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The Book

In the decade since Writing for the Fashion Business was first published, the Internet and social media have upended the field of journalism and the fashion world, revolutionizing both industries and changing the very nature of storytelling. This second edition devotes significant space to digital content, with dedicated chapters covering online content, social media, and streaming video content. In addition to journalism, it also includes instruction on how to write for new promotional approaches emerging in the fashion world like influencer and experiential marketing, and introduces inclusion vocabulary to ensure non-discriminatory narratives. Whether in the form of an article, book, press release, email, or DM, students will gain an understanding of how written communication methods sync up with today’s most common methods of commerce and communication.

New to this Edition:
-Trending Topic box features in each chapter discuss recent, real-life controversial situations within the fashion industry and invite students to share their ideas, concerns, and recommendations related to the situation
-All new Industry Profiles in each chapter allow students to read first-hand accounts of what it’s like to work in the sector of the fashion business that corresponds to the chapter topic
-Chapter ending Review Questions and Learning Activities prompt students to test their knowledge

STUDIO Features Include:
-Review concepts with flashcards of essential vocabulary

Instructor Resources
-Instructor’s Guide provides suggestions for planning the course and using the text in the classroom, supplemental assignments, and lecture notes

Table of Contents

Part One: Writing In The Fashion Environment
Chapter 1: Effective Fashion Communications
Chapter 2: The Writing Process

Part Two: Fashion Journalism
Chapter 3: Writing for Newspapers
Chapter 4: Writing for Print Magazines

Part Three: Fashion Content For The Web And Social Media
Chapter 5: Writing for Online Media Platforms
Chapter 6: Writing for Social Media
Chapter 7: Writing for Streaming Video and Audio

Part Four: Fashion Promotion Communication
Chapter 8: Writing for Marketing and Advertising
Chapter 9: Writing for Public Relations

Part Five: Other Forms of Fashion Writing
Chapter 10: Scholarly Writing
Chapter 11: Writing Books
Chapter 12: Writing Business Communications

A. Grammar and Mechanics
B. Documentation Format
C. Effective Document Design
D. Web Source Evaluation


About The Authors

Jenny B. Davis is the founder of Davis Creative LLC. She's a fashion stylist, a photo shoot producer, and a freelance writer and editor.

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