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FEB 11, 2009
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Packed with fashion tips that serve as a handy guide for students and professionals alike, Your Personal Style uses an active learning approach to teach what a fashion consultant does. Author Nancy Plummer shares an intimate knowledge of how the design and fashion merchandising industry best suits the client. The book is divided into five parts, all of which build upon each other. Unlike other image management texts, which simply dictate general rules about body type and coloring, this book uses personality and lifestyle assessment as a method for guiding readers in establishing a style that is truly their own.

Table of Contents


-- Getting Started, Who Are You?
-- Fashion Personality Types
-- Personal Style Evaluation
-- Closet Evaluation
-- Wardrobe Evaluation, What Should You Wear?
-- Body Type Evaluation
-- Wardrobe Selection Factors
-- Cluster Concept
-- Taking Action, Why You Should Add the Extras?
-- Foundation Basics
-- Accessories! Accessories! Accessories!
-- Focus on the Future! Where Do You Go?
-- Shopping Basics
-- A Global Perspective, Shopping
-- Internationally
-- Going Green with Your Personal Style
-- Tying It

About The Authors

Nancy Plummer is the founder of image consulting firm Fine Threads in Chicago, IL. Fine Threads assists individuals, and works with businesses in the areas of appearance, behavior, and communication skills. Fine Threads offers corporate workshops, seminars, and mentoring in the areas of image, style, and the business of fashion.

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